Yes, Fortnite’s recent update has reverted the popular health-upon- elimation… I personally loved the being able to get health from healing eliminatons. It allowed people to go on killing sprees and never ever having to worry about healing up. Besides that, the new update came along with some other new features.

Other updates include: 

  • New poisen trap.
  • Eating a banana will give you five health.
  • Eating a coconut will give you five health or shield.
  • Eating a pepper will give you five health and increased speed for a little bit.
  • You can now get shot while driving the the “Jurrasic World Ball”. Fortnite says they were not happy with the way people were using the ball at the end of the game. 
  • Insta drop out of the bus! There is no lag time from the time you press A to dropping from the bus.


If you want to watch me play the new update… The link below is to my twitch account is HERE

Or on the right side of the screen:) 

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